KAR is located just off highway 7/59, 4 miles northwest of Montevideo, MN.

Our quality mechanics employ today’s latest automotive technology and are equipped to handle major and minor auto repair services on most domestic vehicles. We specialize in Transmission repair and overhaul. But, no job is too big or too small for KAR, our goal is to be your local Service & Repair facility for the life of your vehicles. We are dedicated to keeping you safe on the road.

Below are some of the many auto
repair services that we offer. Y
won't find better service anywhere
in the Montevideo area!


  Car Care Services   Brake Systems   Cool/Heat Systems   Fuel Systems
  Chassis Lube   Inspection / Diagnosis   Inspection / Diagnosis   Inspection / Diagnosis
  Oil & Filter Change   Anti-Lock (ABS) Systems   Preventative Maint.   Electronic Fuel Injection
  Transmission Service   Pad Replacement   Radiators    Fuel Gauges
  Pack Wheel Bearings   Lining Replacement   Water Pumps   Fuel Filters
  Pack CV Joints   Resurfacing / Machining   Thermostats   Fuel Pumps
  Differential Service   Hose Replacement   Hoses   Fuel Lines
  Power Steering Service   Line Replacement   Belts   Fuel Hoses
  Brake Fluid Service   Master Cylinders   Heater Cores    Fuel Tanks
  Windshield Washers   Wheel Cylinders   Electric Fans  
  Battery Service   Parking Brakes   Fan Clutches  
  Wiper Blades   Power Booster   Head Gaskets  
  Filter Replacements     Transmission Coolers  
  Various Adjustments     Air Conditioning Service  
  Exhaust Systems   Suspension Systems   Electrical Systems   Drive Train System 
  Inspection / Diagnosis   Inspection / Diagnosis    Inspection / Diagnosis    Transmission Overhaul 
  Mufflers    Shocks / Struts    Drivability Problems    Transmission Replacement
  Catalytic Converters    Tires / Wheels   "Service Engine Soon Light"    Differential Overhaul 
  Exhaust Pipes    Ball Joints    Battery/Alternator/Starter    Differential Replacement
  Tail Pipes   Leaf Springs   Interior/Exterior Lights    CV Shafts
  Crossover Pipes   Coil Springs   Instruments/Gauges   Drive Shafts
  Clamps and Hangers   Control Arms   Electrical Wiring   U-Joints
  Exhaust Manifolds      Power Accessories   Wheel Bearings
  Gasket Replacement     Heater Controls    Transfer Case Overhaul
  Dual Systems      A/C Controls   Transfer Case Replacement
        Engine Tune-Ups  
        Electronic Climate Controls  

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